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Ramaji and Ananda Devi teach and give satsang together. Ramaji is the author of 8 books on non-duality including the modern spiritual classic 1000. Ananda Devi is a single mother with 3 teenagers who had spontaneous deep awakenings in 2014. When she met Ramaji she was already at LOC 1000. She is the author of Intimacy with the Infinite. Along with her deep existential realization of non-duality and universal love her presence conveys powerful Shakti energy. When they met they immediately recognized that they were destined to work together.

Ramaji was asked by the Higher Power to become a spiritual teacher in Spring, 2011. He refused because he did not want to become just another non-duality sage "trying to talk the ego to death." The Higher Power agreed to provide a powerful new way for seekers to awaken immediately. A few months later Ramaji was doing a simple spiritual prayer to heal a loved one. A huge ball of radiant white light came down. The RASA Transmission    for spiritual awakening and enlightenment was born.

Ramaji and Ananda give one on one live Skype or Zoom RASA sessions separately and together. They frequently offer online group RASA satsangs. To book a one on one RASA session with Ramaji or Ananda Devi please go to the Book Your Session web page. To join one of our ongoing group Zoom RASA satsangs please go to the Online Events web page. It shows our upcoming online group RASA satsang events.

Ananda's Email: satsangwithananda AT gmail Dot Com

Ramaji's Email: satsangwithramaji AT gmail Dot Com


About Us
ananda devi

I am honored and privileged to be working alongside my life partner and twin flame Ramaji. Our intention is to spread this unique RASA  energy to as many loving souls as possible. My work involves skillfully guiding and forcefully activating your full awakening. Thanks to my spontaneous Kundalini awakening at 13 years old, I am able to consciously transfer Shakti energy during our one on one sessions with life-changing impact. This same Shakti propels the online group RASA  transmission to new levels as it fuses and synergizes with Ramaji's power. My specialty is also assisting post-1000 men and women with the inevitable adjustments, integration and deepening that follows authentic Self-realization.

After a very intense existential experience of dropping into my heart, I was left with a fundamental and complete knowing of my Oneness with All That Is. Consciousness at these higher frequencies IS LOVE! It is the very fabric of what binds us all as an interconnected Whole. We are here to share and love. This is the purpose of creation. It begins at 1000. Awakening is the beginning. Then it expands eternally.... We can only do this TOGETHER! 

As a certified giver of RASA, I am imbued with a sense of rapture, filled with wonder and fueled by awe at the effectiveness and spontaneous awakenings that I witness occurring so often to so many individuals. I first received RASA in Feb 2016. I had been a spiritual seeker and student for many years. Not only that, I was a skeptic about such things. After achieving many mystical “states” induced through meditation etc. I was inclined to overlook and discount the notion of spiritual energy transmission.

As soon as I received RASA, I quickly recognized the fault in my thinking. RASA shifted my intrinsic experience into a fundamental knowingness. A deep new stable recognition of my inner knowingness of being, of truth and presence as it is, as it has always been, took place.


This was an exceptional period in my life. Awakening was not at all "easy going" for me. It was the beginning of what I now call the grandest destruction of anything and everything false or untrue. It was the annihilation of any "story,"of belief systems, of thoughts, of any other conditioned understandings I had gathered over my lifetime. Not only did my residual inner falseness dissolve, so did the false that was expressed in my outer manifestation. My life fell apart in front of my eyes! It crumbled into dust! Yet HERE I AM.

Ultimately as one’s understanding and consciousness begin to expand, one is quick to recognize this divinity as a part of self, of each self. Each of us has this within. We confine this knowingness through our limiting belief systems, our thoughts and our mind games. Truth is what we are already. We cannot become what we are because we already are it! A RASA transmission allows for these blockages, these false limiting ideas, to dissolve, leaving one just as they are… perfect love!

This is a unique and beautiful process. It differs for each individual and my aim is to really be there for you, as a loving friend, for as long as is needed during your journey. Awareness is what you are! Love in action is what you can be! You are freedom itself — unique, important and a valuable part of the Wholeness. Please never settle for less than this ultimate knowingness of your beingness!:).


As a woman who is the single mother of triplet teenagers I am very dedicated to the enhancement of the awakening process for men and women in all arenas. Many are still under the misguided impression that spiritual awakening is reserved for men or single women. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are ALL spiritual beings, in physical form. The point is to not separate these understandings. A spiritual life is never separate from our everyday existence. On the contrary being awakened is allowing this embodiment of truth to permeate our normal day to day experience. I’m often asked, well, if this is the case, why is it that I still have negative emotions, arguments at home, a sexual drive etc.


My response to these questions never waivers. We exist! Our lives, our desires, our moods, our perceived imperfections are a part of us. In fact, the awakening will, if anything, uncover all this momentum.  This seeing is when the true transformation begins to take place. We are the awareness itself. As awareness we must be aware of our work. This awareness will eventually dissolve these issues. Step by step. Day by day.

The process only BEGINS at LOC 1000! It is a never ending expansion and unfolding.... We are NEVER done! So my post 1000 work is also aimed at helping those who are awakened to open their heart and cultivate their character to express love, compassion and kindness.

I can safely say that there is nothing quite like being your true SELF! It means embracing what is TRUE and standing in one’s authentic power as a unique part of the whole. I have only one desire left. It is to help and empower anyone willing to receive and allow this feminine divine energy, this RASA, to work for them. To be your SELF is to be LOVE!

Your Spiritual Friend, Love & Light, Ananda Devi




Ramaji's mission is to fully enlighten as many people as possible with his life partner and twin flame Ananda Devi. Currently more than 350 people worldwide have attained LOC 1000 (Self-Realization) after receiving RASA. Ramaji is the author of 8 books on Advaita, non-duality, spiritual awakening and healing including the modern spiritual classic 1000, Who Am I Meditation, No Mind No Problem and Heal Your Body, Free Your Mind.


From his perspective, the archetypal divine feminine energy called Kali Ma is behind the rapid spiritual acceleration routinely produced when RASA is delivered. RASA can also be thought of as being related to the spiritual heart at the center of our galaxy which is a supermassive black hole. Called Hunab Ku by the Mayans, it was prominently featured in the 2012 global awakening mythos which is now manifesting for all to see.

Ramaji was born in 1950 in Kansas. He was blessed as a child to belong to a happy spiritual family. Because his father was in the Air Force, he had already lived in Iceland and the Philippines by the time he was 10. He would wander for many blissful hours alone in the natural beauty of these exotic places.

After his family moved to Los Angeles, Ramaji experienced a spontaneous awakening of Kundalini via a vivid lucid dream in 1966 when he was 16 years old. He instantly acquired exceptional psychic abilities, including the ability to see the human aura and chakras (energy centers). For years, he was obsessed with the occult and various forms of mysticism.

This unexpected Kundalini event set him upon a life course of intense non-stop seeking in order to regain the blissful ego-less ocean of light that he had experienced that night in a dream of doing yoga under the hot sun in India. The ordinary things of life had lost their appeal for him. He experimented with just about every spiritual technique, method, path or system that he could get his hands on. He was a full-blown seeker. His sense of separation and isolation caused him deep pain, polluting the pleasurable moments. As a result, he was never able to forget the suffering that the separate self produces.

In the early 1980s, while meditating at the Vedanta Temple Society in Hollywood, California, the tall life-sized Kali statue moved and spoke to him. The great mother goddess Kali Ma offered to take care of his sadhana and guide him to enlightenment in exchange for his unwavering devotion and dedication. Ramaji answered “Yes!” to Mother Kali without thought or hesitation.

Eventually, after many years of doing different spiritual disciplines such as yoga and Vipassana meditation, he finally met his guru, Ramesh Balsekar. Because Ramesh was a realized disciple of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramaji’s lineage is from Nisargadatta. However, because it is a living Self-Realized disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Lakshmana Swamy, who finally took Ramaji to LOC 1000 via his grace, Ramaji is in Ramana's lineage. Finally, because his sadhana and the RASA itself have Kali Ma as their origin and ongoing inspiration, he is also in the lineage of Sri Ramakrishna and Kali Ma.

The moment Ramaji saw Ramesh’s picture and name in an advertisement in a Los Angeles newspaper in 1988, he knew that he was the one. He instantly knew that Ramesh was his true guru, the one that he had been looking for all of these years. In 1989, while attending a live Satsang with Ramesh and 50 other people in Southern California, he received the direct transmission of grace from Ramesh. It hit him between the eyes like a supremely forceful spiritual hammer.

From that day forward, mind began to unwind. For the first time in his life, Ramaji could relax and just enjoy being. In 1992 in San Diego, he had a full-blown awakening into non-duality and non-doership. His personality changed so dramatically after his awakening that his wife asked him one day “Who are you and what have you done with my husband?” An amicable divorce soon followed.

With Ramesh’s blessing, he continued to study the teachings of other Advaita masters such as Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and Sri Ramana Maharshi. He found his spiritual home in the teachings and presence of Ramana. Based on his own spiritual experiences, he was able to confirm Ramana's teachings regarding Amrita Nadi, the Heart on the right (Hridayam) and the I-thought. As a result, he defines LOC 1000 (Self-realization) as the permanent elimination of the I-thought. The pure and simple purpose of RASA is to terminate the I-thought as soon as possible.

Ramaji began his spiritual teaching mission in 2011 in Palm Springs, California. Thanks to the Internet, he soon had students in Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, Thailand, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Russia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan as well as the United States.

In June, 2012, responding to a direct divine command, he moved to San Diego, California and began giving public satsangs. Ramaji stopped giving public satsang and focused on one on one online RASA sessions. In November, 2015, Kali told Ramaji that She would be sending a very special woman who would help him expand the power and global reach of RASA. Kali described her in detail and predicted that she would show up within a few months. She would be a beautiful brunette with a powerful personality. A gifted intuitive in Canada independently confirmed that this unique new woman would be entering his life.


On February 16, 2016, he met his soul mate and twin flame Ananda Devi. She matched precisely the woman described by Kali and his spiritual intuitive friend. Ramaji’s focus is on providing RASA satsang to individuals and small groups around the world with Ananda Devi via Skype and Zoom. The new focus is providing the non-dual RASA transmission to groups ranging in size from 100 people to 5,000 people or more. In this way Ramaji and Ananda Devi expect to awaken thousands of people, if not millions.

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