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Radio Interview with Ananda Devi about her new non-duality book "Intimacy with the Infinite: the Truth about Life after Awakening" on "Moments with Marianne" December 2, 2019. A powerful heart-centered Zen style spiritual teacher, she has transformed the lives of hundreds of students around the world. Born in South Africa, she is a single mother with triplet teenagers. Her spontaneous spiritual awakening in 2014 shattered her conventional materialistic existence and culminated in her giving up a multimillion dollar inheritance.

Ananda Devi is an amazing teacher, guide and coach. She has no fear around meeting you in all of your humanity exactly where you are. I felt as if I was taken into her heart. She gave me everything. I feel that being under her guidance is the best of the best. With all my heart I recommend her as a phenomenal guide.
Ju Lah
August, 2019
Ananda is the most real
authentic loving and fierce
woman I have ever met.
If you want real feedback...
If you want real guidance...
On your spiritual journey...
I highly recommend working
with Ananda Devi.
Julie Richer

Ramaji is an amazing non-duality teacher and person. He is very good at explaining difficult stuff in very simple ways. He is also extremely knowledgeable so you can discuss anything with him. Since meeting him my life has transformed in very deep and positive ways. The online satsangs that Ananda and Ramaji host are usually very fun. They introduce tropics that many people are not aware of. I have found them very helpful. Their satsangs are always a joy to participate in.

Lucas from Sweden

August, 2019

ananda devi

Ananda Devi RASA Spiritual Transmission Testimonial
Ananda Devi Interview rasa
love NonDuality awakening on spiritual bs the enneagram
RASA With Ananda Devi

"Are you ready to drop all your ‘stories’?  Well, Ananda Devi is an uncompromising teacher of Truth who will readily confront any ‘spiritual nonsense’ that is still lingering within you.  Refreshingly she is not playing any guru trip and she is unabashedly human and approachable.  And while she is full of Love she is not afraid to deliver 'tough love' when necessary.

Also the RASA transmission is a powerful energetic catalyst of awakening.  It clears the mind of lingering mental habits and patterns thus revealing the True Self. 

If you are tired of all the spiritual mumbo-jumbo and are teetering on the cliff edge then Ananda Devi is for you.....she will gladly shove you off the precipice into the Unknown.  

Jai Kali Ma!"

"Ananda's teachings have helped me immensely. The satsangs I have attended usually start with a monologue from her wherein she talks in a very simple, fresh and direct manner about what it takes for self-realization. As I have moved from an LOC 576 to 584, there is less of an inclination to turn to books, to practice techniques, or to expend effort to be awakened and there is this sense of wanting to experience it directly, and right now. So when she hammers your mind repeatedly with, "This is IT", "Move away from your thoughts and into your body and emotions", "Do it, Do it, Do it, get busy", "Realize that there is no hope (paraphrased)", it is effective because there's nothing to think or analyze.  After listening to these self-terminating dictums, there are no other thoughts to jump to, you arrive at the end of a cliff, and the next step is to jump into doing. Often times, I happen to not pay attention to the rest of the satsang because I have already gotten my teaching.

But I think what really distinguishes Ananda from other spiritual teachers is that her presence and her style of communication has a special quality or signature to it. Some other spiritual teachers, for example like Osho had/have that too. Osho came across as someone who was drunk with enlightenment. Majority of other spiritual teachers have a lot of interesting and insightful things to say, but not necessarily this special quality that draws someone like me. At the end of the day, majority of them sound like professors. It feels like you are listening to them to figure out how to do things, how to see the truth, how to awaken. When the truth is right in front of you, what's there to figure out?! Ananda's style is more of a loving parent, and it's like you want to go to a park after dark, and it is not safe and you may get hurt, and she tells you to not go out of concern and love. You cannot not listen to her because her wanting your best comes across very clearly and genuinely. She's not telling you something just so you know it. Different seekers at different stages will find different teachers suitable for them, but for the overthinking types like me, Ananda is lethal."


San Francisco, California

"Light and Love are the most appropriate and descriptive words evoked when in the presence of Amanda Devi. Deep and profound experiences, both spiritual and personal, have shaped and have provided her with a unique ability to empathize with those in need and, at the same time, have enabled her to convey a profound spiritual resonance which awakens the heart to its own spiritual resources. If you have the opportunity, spend time and resonate with Ananda Devi. She is a rare spiritual treasure! I love and adore Ananda Devi!"

Ron Mitchell

"Pearl of Great Price! After working with Ramaji for a few months, dialoging wth him, and receiving RASA, I came to an impasse and felt that my progress had been stalled. Then Ananda Devi came on the scene and things cleared up in very short order. She took over from Ramaji to deliver the one-two punch that finally put me over the edge, where I had been teetering and tottering, either unable, or unwilling, to take the final plunge on my own.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, of course, and now I am enjoying an incredible and never-ending feast. I could talk endlessly about this, but I want to keep it short. All I can say is that I could never have done this all on my own and I feel like my spiritual seeking could have gone on forever had she (and Ramaji) not intervened. I always wondered what exactly the “pearl of great price” referred to. Now I know. Love, joy, and gratitude abounds. My cup runneth over, indeed."

Gary Falk, Woodstock, NY Note: Garyji is a Certified RASA giver. His website is

I’ve received RASA several times with Ananda Devi in a group setting, and twice one on one. I’ve never met anyone with a more generous spirit and loving heart. When Ananda delivers the RASA it enters my being like a golden light, clear and unmistakable. She’s also talked to me at length about where I am on the path of awakening and has made concrete suggestions. I feel lucky to have been blessed with such an amazing teacher.

Carolyn Marsden, La Jolla, California

Dear Ananda,

There is no word that can express my gratitude for you, Ananda. As for my spiritual practice, shame and self-condemning had always been the major challenges for my progress. The feeling of unworthiness constantly creeps up on me and blocked my ability to love. Your unconditional acceptance and patience showed me how to embrace my true honest feelings. This greatly opened up my heart center, and made me felt for the first time in my life that I truly deserve unlimited love for just being exactly who I am.

The RASAs I received from you significantly stopped my mindstorms, making me surrender deeply into the pure knowing of being. I am absolutely certain that this is the end of my spiritual seeking. Now I realize that I AM already what I was looking for. I am forever thankful for all your grace. I feel so blessed to have you as my Guru and dearest friend, Ananda!

Infinite Love, Jason Cheung, Macau, China

jason cheung testimony
after going to LOC 1000

I began my RASA blessings with Ananda Devi on the 21st of September.  My T.M. teacher Michael Speight advised me to try this as he was having great results rising to higher levels of consciousness.  Ananda was so helpful and answered all my questions.  I loved this first RASA and felt a shift in consciousness to a more centered and aware state.  I continued doing these blessings with her each month with continued rise in LOC.  I love Ananda's fun and very real personality as we worked together and I felt so much love radiating from her.  On December 19th I reached LOC. 1000.  What a wonderful surrendering experience it was!  I am eternally grateful to Ramaji and Ananda Devi for the loving work they are doing to bring humanity to enlightenment. So nice to come home. Much Love and light, Karla DuVall, Ogden, Utah

I started working with Ananda Devi about 6 months ago, both in group Satsangs and individual spiritual mentoring/RASA sessions.  How deeply fortunate I am to have her guidance, transmissions, and spiritual friendship over this period of time.   When we first met, I was in a period of relative desperation, discouraged and worn out from years of intensive spiritual practice and seeking.  Despite having had a number of awakening experiences prior to working with her, the stability of these realizations continued to allude me.  I also had a healthy dose of skepticism around the RASA claims, but there was a strong intuitive pull to explore this.  As I started receiving RASA from Ananda, initially it was not without some difficulties as old conditioning and patterns were arising to be released.  Ananda was with me every step of the way with unwavering confidence and encouragement to keep going.  Her love and compassion, at times gentle, and at other times fierce, have truly touched my heart, and have created conditions and space for the dissolving of deep seated and rigid egoic structures that have seemed so stubborn to change in the past.  As we continued to work together, a new lightness of being began emerging in my life, as well as more frequent and deepening glimpses into my true nature.  At some point, it became clear that a definite and profound shift had taken place, and which was confirmed by Ananda as stabilization in Non-Duality.  Since then, although life is certainly not without its difficulties, a deep sense of ease, security, and okayness has become the backdrop of most all experience, along with many of the other qualities that are traditionally associated with Non-Dual realization.  As someone who has always been firmly rooted in the mind for much of my life, learning to navigate life from this realization with Ananda's guidance has been and continues to be a truly magical journey.  Her guidance here has been priceless, as it has definitely involved an adjustment period, and her familiarity with the territory has helped it to unfold with much ease.  I can recommend Ananda whole-heartedly and without reservation to anyone who is ready to put an end to their seeking and truly come to know their true nature.  She has helped me immeasurably in realizing the calling of my life.

Andrew Macfarlane, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

RASA represents the culmination of a lifelong quest for me. A little about my background... I grew up in a conservative Christian environment, and, as a teenager, I flirted with the idea of becoming a "minister of the gospel." In my 20s, I learned and proceeded to teach Transcendental Meditation (TM). I stayed with TM for more than twenty years and taught many people. 

In my 40s, I met Shivabalayogi and experienced Bhava Samadhi, a bhakti-filled phenomenon that continues to this day. A little later, I became attached to Sri Karunamayi, doing lots of seva. For some years, I acted as president of her US organization. My knowledge of Indian scripture and Indian culture expanded because of her. 

Finally came my immersion in the teachings of Ramana Maharshi. For thirteen years – for months each year  – I've spent time at the holy mountain, Arunachala. The pursuit of non-dual truth by means of self enquiry continues to be the touchstone of my spiritual life. 

All of the teachings, all of the gurus and spiritual mentors, all of the practices have been of great value. They all betoken the aspiration and commitment that has resulted in receiving RASA and learning to give RASA. 

This is where Ananda Devi comes in. 

Ananda participated in my second individual RASA session and became the "go-to" teacher for me to progress to 1000. What to say about Anandaji? She can be assertive when called for, but always in the best interest of the student and the instruction to be given. She is attentive and loving and quite unselfconscious when it comes to expressing affection for her protégé. The effect is one of reassurance. There's just no doubt of her intent and sincerity in pushing to get her RASA pupil to 1000. There's also no question about the certainty she feels in bridging the gap between the consciousness of the student and the Divine Light that is invoked by means of RASA. 

The only other thing to say is that it works! Ananda Devi has a powerful, generous personality, and she employs it in the service of giving RASA. Those of us who work with her are filled with gratitude.

John Roberts, Fairfield, Iowa

"I had the very good fortune to have had already 3 RASA sessions with Ananda Devi. If I had to choose words to describe my experience with her, I want to say: ‘She is unconditional Love! She combines her awakened Heart with a superb understanding of the challenges that often come with post awakening! Her compassion is totally amazing!’ She helped me with accepting fully and coping with the somewhat darker times after a strong awakening.

The RASA she shares at the end of the session I can only describe as being showered by rivers of divine Light, divine Love that changes all cells and recalibrates the brain into pure harmony and bliss. It lasts, and if daily challenges seem to disturb it, I now only have to remind myself of this Real Self and that it is always there.

I am forever grateful to have met Ananda Devi and can wholeheartedly recommend her! She is a wonderful Spiritual Teacher, an awakened woman, who can lovingly and gently guide many into full awareness and through the myths of post awakening! Thank you with all my heart Ananda Devi!!!"

Bettine Clemen, Internationally known Solo Flutist, now living in the Alps of Germany


the rasa experiences of 14 people in 6 countries
Jerry Katz Ramaji Interview Nonduality Talk Radio "1000" Book Levels of Consciousness



"Ramaji is an enlightened being who can and does help many on the path to enlightenment. His map of the ‘Levels of Consciousness’ is faultless and priceless for the serious spiritual seeker. His genuine love and compassion in helping others is the mark of his spiritual accomplishment. His unique ‘RASA’ transmission is helping many and certainly helped me to enhance and stabilize my own awakening."

Rishi Chony Dorje (Italo Cillo), Non-duality Teacher and Dzogchen Master, Malta and Italy.

Dear Ramaji,

I have had a big shift in consciousness I was wondering if the Shaktipat was taking place already! I keep feeling my crown chakra tingle. Thank you so much for the blessing the other day 😉 I really felt the energy and had such beautiful dreams … sort of interspersed with energy surges and slipping in and out of different realities.

I do feel different 😉 it could of course be that I have someone to connect with on the earth plane that has answers to my questions! Usually people expect me to have the answers lol Did you suggest three shaktipats? If so I’d like to book another one and two of my friends would like one too… Let me know how best you think it is for me to continue to raise my LOC with you 😉

Effects are subtle but profound! I’ve actually felt a little bit on shifting sands and experienced a change/shift. With clients amazing insights pop into my head I’ve really noticed that! With clients so emotional as I’ve untangled there blah!  I’m happy to promote and support you in getting this energy out there! Thank you for your generosity of spirit and your energy!

Claire Cerridwen Davies, United Kingdom,

Dear Ramaji,

I was actually a little sceptical about how powerful the RASA would be based on my prior experiences. But when I received it I got a sense of why others view energy healing as so profound. To be honest, it blew my mind.

When I closed my eyes I could already feel an energy building. It felt like white light descending, with a metallic/electromagnetic/sparkly feel. The RASA energy felt similar to previous healing energies I’ve experienced, but it was much more powerful and impactful. I felt bursts of this white light throughout the RASA which I could see through my third eye which was strongly activated. The energy felt like it was very active from the bottom of my chest area to above my crown.

So during and after the RASA I was a little shocked at its power. When I meditated after I was able to let go to quite a significant degree. My face started contorting and I just flowed with it. Again there were bursts of white light through my third eye and I felt uplifted and ‘active’ but not out of control. I could feel my ego trying to step in but I was able to see it for large parts and just soften as best I could. Then towards the end I felt like opening my eyes, but as I did so my eyes wanted close so I allowed them too. I then got the sense that I wouldn’t be able to open them, that I had been blinded, and I felt some fear and panic. But I remembered in your book that you had mentioned that the RASA cannot harm you, so I relaxed and eventually opened my eyes.

After the meditation, I felt very altered. I was very open and uplifted. I was strongly here as ‘me’ but there was also a little space between ‘Me’ and my experience. I felt more open, but also stronger in myself too. Since then, my mind has continued to feel altered (it feels spacey, and I can still sense the crackly energy from the RASA), albeit subtly. I sometimes get the sense that I’m in my head, but when I try to drop into my heart I notice that my heart is already open – it feels like there is more of an open connection between my heart and my head now.

In summary, the session was surreal. I was drawn to work with you because I felt your work resonated with what’s important to me at this time – heart-based work, energy healing, and a direct approach. The session was everything I deeply longed and hoped for and more so there is no doubt that I would like to continue working with you. I believe you recommend RASAs weekly or monthly, and I am definitely more interested in the former option at this stage. I feel blessed to have connected with you at this time. I feel reinvigorated on my path, and it feels like the transition has come at just the perfect time. Most warmly and gratefully…

Fahad Mashal Al-Nawab, United Kingdom

Dear Ramaji,

Although it has been only 1.5 days since I have received RASA from you, I can’t wait any longer to tell you about the effect of RASA on me. I have observed a sharp decrease of mundane thoughts. If one person goes from a very crowded and noisy place to a quiet library, he will definitely feel the silence. Similarly I can experience the silence. It’s like the noises of thoughts in my head are muted or put on a lower decibel. It’s wonderful!!

When I took RASA (Saturday morning in our time zone), I felt the slight feeling of pressure above my head all day. However, on second day of RASA, I don’t feel this sensation anymore. Thanks for your amazing RASA session with me.

H. D., Bangladesh

Dear Ramaji,

The session itself was simple and short. Resting into the breath I soon noticed that my state had shifted, subtly more even and brighter. I felt/saw as if three fire pokers were removed from the top of my heart and then a greater spaciousness was obvious around the top of my head.

I then noticed there was an energy descending, or perhaps emerging in and as me, because there was no front edge to it, no wave as it entered and transformed, it just smoothly became me. It had the quality of deep relaxation and a subtle yet thick bliss. It was profoundly subtle and extremely full field of Goddess Love, as if an ocean was above me pouring into/through/as me with the barest golden hue, if it ever glinted in the immense darkness, and despite the sense of scale it felt utterly intimate.

The sense of the descending field of love continued through a brief meditation, and then uninterrupted through an argument with my partner where I got quite emotionally triggered. Experiencing that was remarkable.

It reached a point hours later, around sundown, where the vibrational impact felt so deep and full that I needed to lay down. Some organic processing or subtle-digesting occurred over a few hours…. phone call from my partner, a completely unexpected breakthrough between us into deeper harmony, and then I noticed I felt clear, brighter and smoother throughout my inner awareness.

Chris Stewart, Australia

Dear Ramaji,

I just wanted to report my experience with RASA thus far. I woke up this morning still feeling the effects. I feel like I have undergone an ego lobotomy of sorts… LOL. I feel a sort of spacious feeling above my head and in front of my third eye. I have notice a dramatic decrease in mental activity. I still have thoughts, but they are more like commentaries about what I am doing at the moment… and they are more in the periphery if that makes sense? Thoughts are happening but I feel more anchored in my heart. I feel like my thoughts are more focused… like they are more clear when they do happen… instead of out of control ramblings.

I love this feeling. I am not really thinking about the past or anything like that. I feel more anchored in the present and feel more love. I feel like there was a shift that took place. I have tried different forms of meditation in the last few years. Recently, I was doing a mantra meditation using “I AM” as the mantra.

However, this morning… I didn’t feel like “efforting” with a mantra. Instead, I decided to simply watch my thoughts and use Self-Inquiry if anything arouse. I just sat as an awareness and watched for any thoughts. If anything arose, I used self inquiry. The 15 minute meditation seemed to pass really fast… it felt like 5 minutes. Anyways, just wanted to share my experience. Thanks, Tauren

Tauren Carlson, California



My first sense was the odd dichotomy of the loud external plane take-off sounds vs. the Deep, Silent, Stillness where “I” was somehow present in. I could hear the the external sounds, but the Silence was so much louder. My body disappeared, I had no sensation of my body except one point where my ankle bone touched my leg as I sat in a cross legged position. The session felt decades long, time wise, but not accompanied by any feeling of “when will this end”…rather the sense was here is Home. Here It is. Felt some pressure at the base of my skull at one point, but the Deep Awareness of this right side of my chest seemed all that was…cocoon like, actually. Felt so deeply present, enveloped in the strength of Stillness.

A couple of hours later I had to lie down, felt quite tired. And then the sensation was of an internal purposeful “spring cleaning” within my body. It felt like an orchestrated directed cleanse of my internal body. I tried to talk on the phone after and realized I couldn’t hold the other persons thoughts to respond…I really needed to still sit and be silent.

I can say now I feel alive, the right side of my chest “feels”…where before I found peace there, but it felt restricted. I feel some opening there, with the left Heart sometimes seeming to palpate/ pressure/ almost to distract me from journeying to the Right side. It feels like it is trying to energetically push thru some tributary from my left Heart to my right Heart. Thank you. Thank you.


I am still feeling the after effects/glow of the first RASA:) My primary loudest shift is the newfound palpable awareness of that Space of pure Awareness. A knowing of what that “feels” like for me, as of now. It indeed seems to always remind me throughout the day, either through gentle beckoning or some negative emotional trigger to “remember me, bring me forward, sink into me, i am all that.” And a delicate dance ensues of remembering, forgetting, merging.

Wanted to share my Rasa #2 experience:

I feel an extra bright illumination localized in my head region, it is so full and alive. There is some slight pressure at the base of my skull, but what I am most cognizant of is the pressure in a short section of the suborbital ridges of both my eyes( i know, like weird and precise:). The sensation is as if something is “stuck” there and the Light is working on opening.

Deep calm envelops. Beams of light emanate from my head down into my body/field and appear like streamers of swaying ribbon connected to the top of a Maypole. I feel as if I go “in and out” with my mind…one minute remembering I need to pay a bill, the next oh yes, I want to sink in here…although there is no anxiety to make the thoughts or experience any different.

I see a flash of Babaji before me and think it must be my mind remembering a picture I saw of him recently. And then in a flash I am out of my body and observing myself sitting in lotus posture floating in “Space.” Calmness is. I have the sensation of different energetic “layers” of my body being shown. From the right side of my body, streams of light are precisely directed into these different layers. I am witnessing this light show. And then I feel you ending the session. I was quite tired after meditating and went to sleep for a deep 20 minutes.

It is as if my “alive” switch has been turned on since receiving these sessions and talking with you. There seems to be a very active internal “doing” re: working with emotions/thoughts, but it seems to be supported by this new awareness of Awareness. I feel as if a “spark” has been lit within. Life is happening as always, yet another “life” is simultaneously happening…that’s what it feel like! Who am “I”? What is this “I”? Who is “I”? Right Heart, sinking, beckoning, remembering. Deep heart gratitude. I am truly grateful you are here in my life. Wow!!! So in awe of the always unfolding.

You bring a joy and a smile, thanks, Mary from California

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