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for ramaji & ananda devi

The song is "I Shall Be Released" by Bob Dylan. Here is the link to the meaningful lyrics:

Musical testimony from the gifted  guitarist and singer Prajna as a thank you to Ramaji and

Ananda Devi for helping him go to LOC 1000 and fulfill his spiritual quest.

prajna, entrepreneur & musician at loc 1000

I used to be into self-inquiry and I used to practice it for hours every day to free myself from my mental slavery. It benefitted me greatly and I still love that stuff. However, I came to a point of diminishing returns. I was lucky to stumble upon Ramaji and then Ananada. RASA has done things for me that I could never have done myself. It really is too good to be true. It works with a force I did not believe existed. At the same time, it does its thing with ease, care, and gentleness. Can it get any better? Ananda is such an inspiration in the way she is. She never retreats but is always there fully as Love. RASA has been the biggest blessing for myself. It really has. I cannot highly recommend it. I wish you great success. Enjoy! <3

Viktor O., Sweden

VIKTOR, chiropractor,
andrew, acupuncturist,
pittsburgh, pa usa
Lars, Painter, Copenhagen, Denmark
Gary, Health Insurance, Woodstock, New York

chip, tax attorney,

calgary, canada

Dawn, Dentist, Gilroy, California
Jason, Scientist, Gainesville, Florida, USA/China
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