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rasa informed consent/legal disclaimer


I understand that RASA is a gentle spiritual transmission for the purpose of rapidly accelerating my spiritual awakening and enlightenment. I understand that certified RASA givers do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical or psychiatric professional. I understand that the RASA spiritual transmission and the spiritual life coaching that I will receive do not take the place of medical or psychological care. I understand that it is recommended that I see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment I may have.


I understand that RASA is delivered exclusively online via Skype or Zoom. I understand that no physical contact is involved at any time. I understand that multiple RASA transmission sessions may be required for me to reach LOC 1000 (Self-Realization).


Having read, completed and understood the foregoing, I request to receive the RASA spiritual transmission. I understand that you are giving me a RASA spiritual transmission at my request and that you are not responsible for the outcome of the RASA session. I agree to hold Ramaji, Ananda Devi and RASA Transmission International, Inc. and any other certified RASA giver that I may work with harmless for any intended or unintended result. I hereby acknowledge and affirm my understanding and agreement with the above.




ananda devi

full live online rasa session


Ananda Devi is the author of the powerful spiritual autobiography Intimacy with the Infinite. Her boldly loving down to earth Zen-like approach is refreshing. She emanates unconditional love and radiates a powerful highly effective Shakti energy that many strongly feel. She has a talent for strategically busting and dissolving the intellectual and conceptual traps that many fall prey to in their seeking as they read books and listen to non-dual spiritual teachers.She is delightfully alive and engaging. She is a totally authentic spiritual iconoclast. One of her awakened students said of her "You teach by fully embodying the teaching. You are the teaching!" Ramaji says "Ananda Devi wakes people up faster than anyone else!"

NOTE: ANANDA USES ZOOM. SHE WILL SEND YOU HER ZOOM LINK. She will contact you via your PayPal email to set up your session. Scheduling is approximately two weeks ahead.

250 usd

returning student rasa SESSIONS


After one or more full live sessions along with approval of the teacher, the student can start receiving RASA in 60 minute online mini sessions that consist of up to 45 minutes of talking followed by the 15 minute RASA spiritual transmission in silence. Since these sessions are take roughly half as long as a regular session, you are getting TWO sessions for about the same price as one full session.

350 usd

BRAND NEW! "spiritual life coach" training 

One of the best ways to integrate post-1000 is to help other people... and one of the best ways to help other people is to teach them how be more conscious, have more clarity, open their hearts, improve their relationships, master daily life and, of course, work deeply with their Enneagram type! If you are post-1000 now you can begin this Spiritual Life Coach Training with me right away. It is one year in length (12 months). This is the SAME training that Certified RASA Givers get. I give my all in these trainings and I hold nothing back. At the end of this training you will have the option of becoming a RASA Giver if you want -- but you don't have to! Please click the button below to get the full details on how to get trained by me to become a profoundly effective highly successful online "Spiritual Life Coach"!

conscious relationships, soul mates & twin flames

These sessions are for couples or individuals who want to expand, deepen and vastly improve their relationships. This includes men and women who are looking for a conscious loving partner. The path of relationship can be incredibly rewarding when you are ready for it. Ananda is very familiar with the Twin Flame and Soul Mate love paths. Her existential life experience with her Twin Flame partner Ramaji has inspired her and motivated her to help couples or individuals who are eager to expand their capacity to love, understand and truly BE together. She uses a wide variety of practical tools, open heart-centered communication, the Enneagram and Tantra to help in every way possible. These sessions are fun and casual yet profoundly meaningful and life-changing. Ananda is known for getting to the bottom of things quickly! Her warmth,  compassion and enthusiasm will greatly accelerate your heart opening. This fusion of love of Self and love of other reaps rewards beyond what you can imagine!

250 usd

post-1000 student coaching

I specialize in helping post-1000 students (posties) to integrate and begin to truly LIVE their full awakened SELF. Your post-1000 session includes receiving the unique Post-1000 RASA which supports your integration and smooth adjustment. In our model of being at 1000, we use the term: being finished! The seeking is over. The seeker has dissolved! NOW WHAT?

Many of our post -1000 students have a relatively easy unfoldment. However, for some familiar old psychological momentums take some time to get dissolved. In the Zen tradition complete integration is said to take up to 7 years.

In our experience as well as with many of our students who have worked with us during their unique existential experiences, we feel it takes between 6 months to one year. The energy blockages, the purification, the understanding absorbs into ones being. Life is then totally spontaneous.

We believe in total living!  Being yourself in ever way. Living a fulfilled, limitless life. Anything else is a compromise! There is a brilliant spiritual expression, "the stink of enlightenment." This expression is a pointer to where many seem to get very stuck in their awakened concepts and ideas. It also is the area which best indicates where that old momentum is playing itself out! Many post-1000 students are STILL addicted to their spiritual persona! It is the never ending need to be heard, repeat past teachings and dramatize their spiritual knowledge. Until one is able to recognize that even the word “ spiritual” is yet another concept... often doing more to separate than unify, your post-1000 journey and process is not complete!

Ultimately, we are ALL THAT! There is no hierarchy. This universal force that we are all a part of knows precisely what it is doing. When we choose to abide in and as this flow, it will prove itself as itself over and over again. There are no limits to the LOVE this energy is made of nor the force and magnitude of this LOVE ITSELF which is YOU! YOU ARE THAT!

250 usd



full live online rasa  session


Ramaji is the author of 1000, No Mind No Problem and six other popular non-duality books. He is the founder of the RASA   spiritual transmission. He draws upon his knowledge of many spiritual traditions plus his many years as a spiritual therapist and intuitive consultant. He began teaching non-duality privately in 1994. As a devotee of Divine Mother Kali Ma, he emphasizes embracing life fully and completely in each precious moment just as it is. In his view, the RASA    is Grace from Divine Mother.


NOTE: Ramaji uses Zoom but Skype is okay. He will contact you via your PayPal email to set up your session. Scheduling is 15 days ahead. This session focuses on your spiritual journey, how RASA works and how it can help you. You will get a full assessment of your LOC (Level of Consciousness) and what it means. Whether you continue your spiritual journey with the help of RASA or not, in this welcome session you will receive valuable personalized knowledge about where you are on your spiritual path. 



300 usd

returning student rasa  SESSIONS 


After one or more full live sessions along with approval of the teacher, the student can start receiving RASA twice a month. These online sessions are 60 minutes to 90 minutes long including a 15 minute RASA spiritual transmission in silence at the end. You are paying for and getting TWO sessions at this price.

400 usd

kundalini & chakra consultation

Many people have Kundalini experiences but few are able to assess Kundalini from the perspective of having completed the Kundalini process through the Crown chakra plus offering deep precise clairvoyance. Ramaji is able to see the location of Kundalini Shakti and energy blockages. Ramaji experienced Kundalini at the age of 16. This activated multiple siddhis (psychic abilities) overnight. He has lived with Kundalini ever since. This one of a kind session is TWO HOURS to THREE HOURS in length due to the profoundly personalized in-depth work required. It is highly recommended for people with Kundalini issues and symptoms. Ramaji offers original very practical advice based on 50 years of experience working intimately with Kundalini.

Ramaji can see aura, chakras, Kundalini, past lives and energy blocks. He is also a trained psychotherapist who is adept at using rapid therapy techniques. Ramaji’s first spiritual breakthrough was a Kundalini awakening as a teenager in 1966. He brings to your session more than 50 years of practical, psychological and spiritual wisdom. Coaching sessions are recorded for your personal use. All Coaching sessions conclude with RASA. The Coaching Session is offered for people who need extended in-depth work on various blocks, issues and long-term problems. For most people, the Standard Skype RASA Session is all they will ever need. If you have major Kundalini issues, please know in advance that you may need to book a Coaching session. You can start with a Standard session, but fixing Kundalini blocks and imbalances requires a full scale evaluation of your chakras, chakra blocks and the location of your Kundalini, e.g. how high it has risen, what chakra it is at and if Kundalini has been deflected. Ramaji can see where the Kundalini has stopped rising in your chakra system. This usually means he also knows how it got stuck and what can be done about it.

400 usd

aura chakra health consultation

Immediately after Ramaji's Kundalini awakening at 16 years old he found himself inundated with people requesting clairvoyant consultations. Over the years he has made himself available as a "medical intuitive" who emphasizes the role of emotional healing, unconditional love and self-honesty. As a spiritual clairvoyant, he can help with entities and depossession. If you are drawn to work with him he will work out the chronology of your health issue and the emotional and subtle body factors. Due to his obsession with precision and accuracy combined with years of rigorous training to be a professional clairvoyant, he is able to see the chakras and aura clearly as well as energetic blockages including their location and size. He will evaluate the efficiency of your chakras and give you original and very practical techniques that he created in order to boost his own chakras. At one time Ramaji struggled with poor health and very low energy forcing him to arrive at his own chakra solutions. These methods are not available in any book, video or course. You will learn these powerful chakra boosting methods from him during this TWO HOUR to THREE HOUR in-depth consultation. Ramaji is not an energy healer. He helps you gain insights & gives you techniques that you can use to improve your own health.

400 usd

guided mind laser self-healing

This guided session is based on Ramaji's book available on called Heal Your Body, Free Your Mind. Ramaji received this powerful Vipassana (body sweeping style meditation) self-healing method from an American who studied with an enlightened Buddhist meditation master who lived in a cave in Myanmar (Burma). This potent technique is virtually unknown in the West. While it is impossible to predict results, everything from cancer to chronic pain to schizophrenia to arthritis have been quickly and effortlessly dissolved using this astonishing knowledge. Ramaji used it to eliminate debilitating back problems and joint pain. It offers an original powerful fast way to deal with addiction as well. After this guided self-healing session, you will be able to work on and resolve virtually any physical, emotional or mental issue you may have. Not only that, you will also know how to guide others to perform their own self-healing action on their physical, mental or emotional issues. After this 2 hour training you will be qualified to guide others in this self-healing modality. This not only includes family (including children) and friends. You will also be qualified to take on paying clients. Remember, you are NOT healing them! You are simply teaching them how to use their own intuitive abilities, life force and concentrated focus. They do ALL the work!

350 usd

work with ramaji and ananda devi together

full online rasa session with Ramaji and ananda devi



Both Ramaji and Ananda are available to work together to maximize and help facilitate a fast effective awakening with students. Students willing to work with both teachers at once get the added benefit of full interaction with the male and feminine energies manifesting as wisdom and love. This is a personal choice according to the needs of the individual student. Some prefer to work with Ramaji, some with Ananda and some with both at the same time. In our experience together, we have found tremendous joy working this way. We have FUN! The RASA is powerful and the meetings are spontaneous and personal. We look forward to sharing our love with all!

1,000 usd

conscious relationship couples coaching session




Ramaji and Ananda help couples explore the nature of Tantra. These sessions are very unique in that they help reinforce and revitalize the nature of love itself, union and the divine comprehension of what Tantra is, how it helps, in all areas of ones life.To be Tantric is in fact a way of being. It is not a becoming. To tap into ones Shakti and unite with Shiva is the route one is able to take. Both as an individual or as a couple.

Tantra is the language of relating! By relating we are referring to consciousness with consciousness. It has nothing to do with the mind. Two minds cannot really relate. We teach the language of love, silence and presence, without which there is no real union.

When ones body becomes a temple. Along with the body of another, one is free to understand Tantra, it’s magic and it’s transcendental appeal! We welcome you to explore along with us! Rediscover the love, joy, excitement, fulfillment and delight of being totally in love with yourself, your beloved and life itself!

1,000 usd

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