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Ananda Devi is the author of the candid new spiritual autobiography and no nonsense groundbreaking non-duality guide Intimacy with the Infinite available on
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Special Offer 40% Off Full Online RASA Spiritual Transmission (Shaktipat) and Life-Changing Enneagram Coaching Session for New Students of Ananda Devi.
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This 40% off discount ($150 USD) is for NEW students only. It is temporary. It may be withdrawn at any time. Regular price is $250 USD. This first Full session is at least 90 minutes long. Just this session alone could be life transforming for you! Ananda Devi has helped more than 100 people around the world spiritually awaken (LOC 1000) in one year or less. She can do the same for you via her uniquely powerful one on one online sessions. After she receives your payment, Ananda will email you at your PayPal email to set up your appointment. She uses Zoom. Or... after you make your payment, you can email Ananda Devi directly at:
satsangwithananda  AT
gmail DOT com.
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