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become a spiritual life coach with ananda devi

The single most important theme during these symbolic potent and powerful times is the development of our vessels in order to hold the cosmic Light/Love that is  filtering into our planet and into our human bodies.

We so often find ourselves unable and not ready to hold this kind of Light.

In the Spirit of love and sharing I have spent the last several years helping our students prepare themselves for their integration, transformation and awakenings.

As these times enhance and speed up, I have found that the greatest preparation post- 1000 is in the ability to share and help others transform.

While giving RASA may not be for everyone, I firmly believe that in preparation for what we know is here/now and for the coming years, we all could use a speedy practical method to step out of our comfort zones and help others in which ever way we can.

What used to be our training available only to future RASA givers is now a course I am excited to teach any of our post-1000 students who feels motivated to reach out, step out of their comfort zones and share their Light with their sisters and brothers. If you are post-1000 at this time, then you can apply for this Spiritual Life Coaching Training with Ananda.

My course condenses and concentrates the various studies I have embraced over a 30 year period. It is the integration of a lifetime of studies infused together in order to train others to train others!:)

This one of a kind Spiritual Life Coach training is one year long. It includes a 2 hour to 2.5 hour long session with me once a month for 12 months.

The Enneagram is covered in its totally. Also included are any and all coaching skills, tips, tricks and tactics that Ramaji and I have mastered in order to help others to awaken.

If you are a post-1000 person and would like to take this advantage of this opportunity to learn to serve please contact me. You do not have to wait a year. You can begin this training at any time post-1000. Then if you decide to become a Certified RASA Giver, you can do so at the end of your Spiritual Life Coach training. Even so, this training is complete in itself and will enable you to massively help others with their lives and their awakening.

After you complete this year with Ananda you will be an Enneagram expert. You will have learned and understood many powerful precious teachings. Your title will be a Spiritual Life Coach!:)

There is no doubt in my mind that once this information is absorbed you too can be an exceptional coach and a shining vehicle for transformation in many others lives.

The greatest gift is the gift of knowing your inherent worth and sharing it with others.


Mastery can only be achieved when we go inward. As we steadily go in and transform ourselves, our reality changes. It’s an inside out job.

Once this incredible process unfolds we become conscious of our ability to heal our own stuff. We master our own Self. This is what we integrate post-1000. This one year training will, of course, naturally facilitate, quicken and deepen your post-1000 integration.

As this internal process unfolds our divine knowing is activated. This is when we become agents of Light change. This is when the intrinsic invaluable need to share and care becomes the motivating force.

The tools I share can help each person fine tune their people skills. Slowly but surely this understanding of how and why people are wired the way they are crystallizes.


This information we gather serve us by knowing what the being before us has to overcome and why. It is not a one size fits all. It is unique and special for each person and for each story we are blessed to share with the students.

With heightened intuition and divine knowing as well as my unique tools you too can be the agent for miraculous change.

There are two options for payment. The first PayPal button is for monthly payments of 350 USD per month. The second PayPal button gives you the option to pay in advance for the entire year (12 sessions). In this case you get a 15% discount (3,570 USD total).


Please note that payments are not refundable. If you have any questions about Ananda's "Spiritual Life Coach" Training, please email her directly.

Please click on the PayPal button below to set up your next monthly Spiritual Life Coach Training session with Ananda Devi or to get the One Year advance payment discount.

Love and Lights Always,

Ananda Devi

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