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free recorded group rasatm spiritual transmission

with ananda devi & Ramaji

hosted by corey sheikh

We talk about our Twin Flame love relationship, Tantra and enlightenment for the West, having doing and being it all, our unique approach to spiritual awakening, the amazing power of the RASAtm spiritual transmission for accelerating your realization, the truth about post-awakening, the great awakening on our planet and much more. The silent RASAtm experience is near the end of the recording. Many people have reported spiritual benefits and even awakening just from meditating with the silent recorded RASAtm. The RASAtm first appeared in Spring, 2011 in Palm Springs, California. You will find many more recorded online Satsangs with RASAtm on YouTube. Thank you!

to book a one on one rasa session with ananda devi or ramaji:  book your session

contact ananda devi

satsangwithananda AT gmail DOT COM

contact ramaji

satsangwithramaji AT gmail DOT COM

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