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Love, Ramaji & Ananda Devi

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Meet Ananda Devi   


Hi. My name is Ananda Devi. I am deeply honored that you have chosen to read this short description.

I am a non-duality teacher and coach. Although my preference is to call myself your friend.

I do not regard myself as a guru. Instead, I know that you, you, you are the guru.

I feel my work is effective because my own authentic existential awakenings have directed my life into doing this transformative work. While I do use a very effective spiritual transmission called RASA, alongside my partner Ramaji, I feel my real transmission is essence to essence.

Love to love! Human to human! Silent and real!

My firm knowingness and effectiveness has proven itself with the hundreds of students who have reached enlightenment with my support and guidance. While I also incorporate Enneagram work as well as other coaching styles, I’m really led by my inner intuitive knowing. This knowing is that when I am working with you I am working myself (my Big Self).

Therefore, your awakening is a direct reflection of my own awakening. Your success is my success. Your ability to tap into your limitless potential is mine too.

This world desperately needs authentic teachers. An authentic teacher is a living loving person who is here to help each seeker find that they are already what they seek. An authentic teacher helps them dissolve any and all blockages that may obscure this truth.

I am a person who will never give up. I will do my very best, with all my being, to help you discover that you are, indeed, THAT!

Thank you!

Love, Ananda Devi

Meet Ramaji 


Hi. My name is Ramaji.

Although our sessions with you are one on one with either me or Ananda Devi, I often work with my partner Ananda Devi to help you as much as possible and accelerate your spiritual awakening. It is realistic for you to expect spiritual awakening and going to LOC 1000 (Self-Realization) in one year or less with our help and with RASA.

I am the author of "1000" and numerous other books about enlightenment and non-duality. They are available on

The RASA spiritual transmission first appeared in Spring, 2011 while I was giving a conventional spiritual healing to someone. A big ball of white light came down into the person.

We quickly discovered that this new spiritual energy or divine grace from Divine Mother was raising the level of consciousness (LOC) and even taking people to spiritual awakening and non-dual realization.

There are now 500+ people who are permanently spiritually awakened via the RASA spiritual transmission!

I look forward to working with you!

Love, Ramaji


5385 Camino Santander

San Diego, CA 92130

​​Tel: 619-600-0125

s​atsangwithananda AT gmail DOT COM

satsangwithramaji AT gmail DOT COM

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